Part armored military vehicle, part dune buggy, Volkswagen's The Thing briefly blitzkrieged through American automobile culture in the Seventies, a wiggy antidote to the billions and billions of sensible Beetles sold by the German carmaker in the U.S. during the Sixties. Manufactured in Mexico, The Thing was first introduced here in late 1973, retailing for $2750. It averaged 21 miles per gallon, with a top cruising speed of 68 mph. VW hawked the rear-engine convertible as an "off-road" vehicle, suitable for both beach and highway. With its removable doors and plastic windows, its downwardly sloping hood, its fold-down windshield, and its eye-popping colors -- Sunshine Yellow, Pumpkin Orange, Avocado Green, or Blizzard White -- The Thing cut a quaintly bizarre figure before flaming out by the end of 1974, a total of 29,000 finding their way onto American roads before VW... More >>>