For such an effective purveyor of paranoia, Your Enemies Friends singer/guitarist Ronnie Washburn is a sunny-side-of-the-street kinda guy. "It's amazing that we've managed to accomplish everything we have on just a six-song EP," he beams. Sure enough, critics have lauded generous praise upon Your Enemies Friends' brand of quirky-yet-accessible, muscular-yet-danceable post-punk. Sporting both a fresh-minted sound and a three-guy/two-girl/multiracial lineup, YEF could be a modern-day Sly and the Family Stone. With two full stateside tours under their belt and a U.K. jaunt slated for the winter, YEF are primed for success. "We didn't make plans to go out and starve to death," Washburn asserts. "We're... More >>>