There are some things that are worth seeing, or hearing, or tasting, and you are probably better for it. Then there are those few things that cannot be missed, and you are definitely better for it. One of those is Daniel Senise's "Recent Works" at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts. Senise, a Brazilian living in New York, is an artist to contend with. After seeing his paintings, you walk away feeling as though you've been given a fine moment of contemplation, an experience that matters.These canvases have a surprisingly archaic feel due to their monochromatic hue and rich frescolike texture. The scenes are unpopulated, no furniture. One may be tempted to compare this barrenness with other painters' desolate visions, but that's not the way to go. Too much in these works is vested in seeking geometric purity, in finding a rectangular quality, traversed by windows and doors. Senise's works contain plenty of light -- and space. And space contains... More >>>