I could blame Zagat for my heading to Caffe Vialetto with visions of haute conch and upscale callaloo in my head, but I'm too big for that. It's true the dining guide ranks the restaurant number three in the "Top Caribbean" category, yet while I had never been to, or even heard of the place before, I have only myself to fault for not seeing the Italian writing on the wall -- I mean, what kind of Caribbean restaurant calls itself Caffe Vialetto? A more astute person than I might also have noticed a red flag pop up by the number-two spot on that same Zagat listing -- the not-very-Caribbean Azul. So I take full responsibility for ending up with rigatoni rather than roti, and give credit to Caffe Vialetto for offering enough of a gratifying dining experience that I was able to overcome my... More >>>