When two Indian restaurants in London won Michelin stars (only rarely bestowed upon ethnic eateries) last year, it initiated a spate of stories in American food publications about not just the goat cheese samosas on fresh pear chutney and other modernized neo-Indian dishes featured at the starred spots, but also about the many more traditional types of regional Indian food found all over London (but rarely in Miami). Here one will find an occasional specialty from the south of India, but most Indian restaurants feature the Muglai cuisine of northern India, a refined cooking style derived from the Turk/Mongol Moghuls who settled in India's northern plains in the 1500s. They brought with them many ingredients and techniques from Persia: highly perfumed spices and Middle Eastern sweet/sour fruit flavorings, subtle ways of preparing sauces, and fragrant rice that evolved into the typical fare found in Indian... More >>>