They met at a local open-mike night in 1997, and although they grew up across the country from each other, they felt an instant connection, almost as if they were related. An Oklahoma native, Amy Carol Webb learned to raise her voice early, crooning around the Southwest with her three brothers and parents as the Webb Family Singers. Growing up in North Miami, Ellen Bukstel and her brother Gary (seven years her junior) also were exposed to music early in school and at home. In South Florida Webb has made a career performing as a solo folk musician, releasing a series of albums, winning local folk contests, and earning a New Folk Finalist spot at Texas's prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival. The Bukstels (Ellen too was a Kerrville finalist earlier this year) played with Andy Neuman and Steve Rosenberg in the band Legacy and often strike out on their own. After numerous gigs fusing harmonies and song, Webb and the Bukstels decided to pool their... More >>>