No one will ever see the video. The man getting a massage in the first frame is dead now, gunned down last January at a gas station on South Beach. The police don't know who did it, but that's not the reason this video will never be released. If the dead man was Tupac or Biggie or even Big Pun, the video would be a digital resurrection and "Where You At" would be a posthumous hit. But the big guy in the towel on the cell phone is Jason Norris, the bejeweled promoter who liked to get as close to rap royalty as he could, always happy to flash his money around and offer you a job doing whatever it is you do already, only do it for him. "Cuban, where you at?" Norris asks while a honey rubs him down on the waterfront patio of a Miami Beach manse. Cut to up-and-coming rapper Don Dinero, playing as large as his aspirations as he strides across a heliport in the Hamptons toward his own private chopper. There, walking beside him, is the reason this video will never be seen: Dinero's former mentor and... More >>>