The police practice of blowing away suspects is under heightened scrutiny in the city where cronies often rule and the dead sometimes vote. Two weeks ago the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Guy Lewis, announced that federal investigators have begun a lengthy review of the Miami Police Department in light of federal cases against cops indicted for using deadly force unnecessarily, planting guns near victims' bodies, lying to investigators, and other sins. Moreover, sometime later this year the city commission is expected to select a twelve-person Civilian Investigative Panel to delve independently into specific allegations of police misconduct. While insight into the dark side of the force that serves and protects has yet to come into view, the CIP selection process has already yielded an unexpected glimpse into the soul of Miami government. It comes via a list of several hundred prospective panelists cobbled together by city officials. In other words, VIPs for the... More >>>