A boy gets tired, it's true. Boys grow up, get older, move on. But not Bambi. Her blond hair always shines. Her baby-doll eyes always glisten. Her soft voice soothes, sweet-talks, seduces. And her curves -- as impressive as the Montana peaks and valleys where she was raised -- well, a boy never tires of those. Bambi LaFleur's the kind of girl who excites a nudge and a wink from the hot-blooded hetero teenage geek in all of us. Swinging with her combo, the Boys, Bambi is an anachronism, a B-52 bombshell dropped from another time. She's the WWII pinup girl, the white goddess who graced the bandstands of the swing era. She's Marilyn Monroe, singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," after waking from her long drug slumber to find herself driving a 1984 Buick Riviera -- an obscenely long car Bambi calls the "penis magnet" -- past the Fontainebleau Hilton... More >>>