About halfway through my first visit to Coconut Grove's Chart House, one of my dining buddies, a native Floridian, confessed that he and his family had tried to put the place out of business when it first opened in the early 1980s. Their gripe was not the food, which, he claimed, was much the same then as now. And the marina setting, with panoramic bay views from both the picture-windowed interior and the extensive outdoor deck, certainly wasn't anything to complain about. What was problematic was the Chart House's phone number, just one digit different from my friend's family's number. "People were constantly calling my family for dinner reservations. At first we just said wrong number. Then finally we started accepting bookings, even asking people if they wanted to reserve our $9.95 twin two-pound lobster special," hoping that the hungry hordes who showed up to find no tables and no bargain lobsters might destroy the joint -- or, at... More >>>