The outdoor lobby of Lincoln Road's Sterling Building has proved to be a problematic location for restaurants. Pacific Time Café and South Beach Stone Crabs, the prior occupants, had to contend with moviegoers cutting through their dining room for entry into the Alliance Cinema, and the distraction of a large window leading into Books & Books. I was once seated at a table by this window, my stone-crab chomping disconcertingly on display for every browser at that bookstore's bargain table. Poppy is the latest Sterling venture, and the first to offer a real restaurant environment. The two old problems are gone: There is no more Alliance, and the windows leading next door have been covered with navy blue drapes. The décor is, in fact, quite inviting, a Moroccan/Mediterranean motif with wrought-iron gates at the entrance; high walls sponged a rustic orange color; a long, long communal dining table running up the center of the rectangular room; and roughly the same number of flickering candles in glass as you'd find at an... More >>>