The figure wielding the baton is not the usual mature man with wild locks dressed in a fussy tuxedo. Instead a slim woman stands on the stage of the Lyric Theater in a long black gown -- wisps of hair escaping from the chignon at the nape of her neck and tickling her nearly bare back. The precise movements of her hands draw melodies from the white violin of Federico Brito, incite riot from the saxophone of Carlos Averoff, and ignite blue notes from the piano of Lonnie Smith. Marlene Urbay is up to the unexpected once again. Not only is she a rare woman among the fraternity of conductors, but as founder and director of the Florida Chamber Orchestra, she is determined to win a wider audience for classical music in South Florida, by any means necessary. "One day I'll demonstrate that it's possible to interpret the Beatles with a chamber orchestra," Urbay vows. "Nothing... More >>>