With its red walls, checkerboard terrazzo floor, fabric-wrapped columns, fiber-optic lighting, and caped, oversize chairs, the two-level KISS Steakhouse and Lounge looks like the Mad Hatter's tea party on location in Vegas. Which is an appropriate design for the late-night club that evolves at about 11:00 each night, when the music gets cranked and the much-written-about dancing girls gyrate from Lucite stages suspended around the dining room. "Much written about" is an understatement, but I suppose you could expect plans for a topless steak house in South Beach to garner attention. (You no doubt know by now that proposal was scrapped in favor of clothing the dancers in skimpy outfits.) I've never been a believer in extraneous activities in restaurants, whether it be mariachi bands or television screens, but if I have to be subjected to dining distractions, I'll take a fire-eating go-go girl over Monday-night... More >>>