If Sax on the Beach fails, the newly opened music bar will be just another Miami jazz dream deferred, like Arthur's (which featured big names in the Eighties) and the cozy, if empty, Champagnes on 79th Street that closed months ago. This gin joint in the lobby of the Bay Parc Plaza has taken in refugees from among the regulars and staff at the shuttered 1800 Club down the street and picked up Nathaniel "Nat King" Reed, the piano player who used to play standards at the Piccadilly Garden and Lounge in the Design District before that place went pop. Allied forces Richard Haylor, a British restaurateur, and Jersey travel agent Karen Segalla have already committed their blood, toil, tears, and sweat -- and about $500,000 -- to the jazz and blues cause. "We have a dream and we really think we can make it come true," says Segalla,... More >>>