When Merlin ran away, the dancers were tumbling in a field after rehearsal at the Jaycees Club on Marathon Key. The Shih Tzu nosed around in the sand on the volleyball court and then trotted across the Jaycees' driveway to Stanley Switlik Elementary School. Sniffing at the silver buttonwood on the bay side along U.S. 1, Merlin passed Alvin Hayes sipping a beer in a broken armchair out in the dust in front of his trailer with a couple of associates in the neighborhood known as The Rock tucked out of sight from Marathon's tourist attractions. The black, white, and brown scruff eyed a heron swooping over St. Paul's A.M.E. Church at the end of Louisa Street, pawed at the chainlink fence surrounding the Grace Jones Day Care and Community Center, then headed down 41st Street, past abandoned houses and cement slab apartment buildings plastered with "No Trespassing"... More >>>