Some towns much older than ours proudly flaunt the fact that George Washington slept there. Among youthful Miami's many dubious claims to fame: While onstage at Coconut Grove's Dinner Key Auditorium in 1969, a very drunk Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors, allegedly exposed himself. He was arrested shortly thereafter and subsequently put on trial for the offense the following year. Morrison's actions, which in the words of authorities "attempted to precipitate a riot," didn't have quite that effect. No one got a glimpse of his schlong, and the concert continued as planned. But the occurrence did spark a rally for decency at the Orange Bowl: kids and adults cheering on good behavior, an ironic footnote considering what goes on in today's Miami. But then rock and roll since its inception has always been the music of youth, sparking rebellion, scaring parents, and selling untold... More >>>