By late Saturday evening it was clear Hurricane Hip-Hop had been downgraded to a tropical depression at best. While the Miami Beach and county police departments had been on high alert -- with war rooms set up and riot control in place -- the huge, mostly black invasion, still fresh in the mostly white Beach minds from Memorial Day, had failed to materialize. Even the parties, hyped with promises of lots of stars and even more gold and green, were turning out to be lower velocity. Not that rumors and hyperbole hadn't been blowing. Suge Knight, just out of prison, would churn up the East Coast-West Coast rivalry when he reintroduced his Death Row Records, now called Tha Row, here in Miami. He called a local radio station from L.A. on Friday night and had dis to say about his sometime rival P. Diddy and old colleague Snoop Doggy Dogg. Luther Campbell, Miami's original booty rapper, was feeling a little dissed... More >>>