Cops hate "skels" (misdemeanor lowlifes), "perps" (felony lowlifes), and "short-eyes" (child-abuser pervs). But most of all they hate inside whistleblowers: other cops who go against the "thin blue line" code to turn in fellow officers -- whether it's for drinking, excessive force, or taking bribes. Bob Leuci, for example, the infamous Prince of the City, had to leave the NYPD in the Eighties for turning in corrupt narc squad buddies; Frank Serpico was nearly killed when fellow New York undercovers set him up on a drug bust after he testified about cops on the take in the Seventies. In Miami, beginning in 1998, Ofcr. Ralph Wilson was first shunned, then abused and threatened by colleagues and supervisory personnel at the Cutler Ridge district when he tried to intervene in the case of a black woman who'd seen white cops abusing a black teen. Later he was suspended, and finally fired. Now he's trying to get his job back in a civil suit, but given the closed-ranks mentality of cop culture in a district where white police outnumber blacks 119 to 38, he's having the toughest... More >>>