When Shoji Sushi opened in mid-March, it was an occasion of great relief. After all, the particular block of lower Collins Avenue on which Shoji is located was perhaps the only one in SoBe that didn't already house two or three sushi bars; weary south of Fifth-sters were tired of hiking several hundred hungry yards uptown for their futomaki fixes. It immediately became apparent, however, that standard futomaki stuff was not going to be on the bill of fare at Shoji. The place is the third in a block-square eatery empire owned by Myles Chefetz and chef Michael Schwartz, whose other two restaurants, perpetually packed Nemo and casual dineresque Big Pink, certify them as trendmeisters. And what tends to be hip these days, when every Asian-oriented chef seems to be trying to one-up Nobu Matsuhisa, are abuses that make Eighties nouvelle cuisine's "kiwi with... More >>>