For the past thirteen years he's worked in the public-corruption unit of the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, the last six of them as its chief. Joe Centorino has seen his office grow from a part-time operation to a staff of nine attorneys who do nothing but investigate and prosecute public officials. That's a disheartening growth curve, to be sure, but the results have been refreshing: dozens of indictments and convictions, all of which have raised the public's awareness of and intolerance for corruption. From bad cops to crooked politicians, from minor indiscretions to major felonies -- all pass over Centorino's desk. He sifts through hundreds of tips and scores of investigations before making the life-altering decision to charge people with high crimes or misdemeanors. Pressure? You bet. And that's not all. As he said at a recent forum: "All public officials have lots of friends. If you go after someone, you make enemies." To survive this long under these conditions requires a thick hide and some proven methods... More >>>