When the former owners of Mezzanotte finally closed that long-running fashionista-favorite restaurant/nightclub last year and opened Carnevale, a self-billed "Venetian café," two questions instantly occurred to me: Would this really be like eating in Venice? And, since the space's former occupant was so model-friendly, could you get blow in the bathroom? Let's polish off question two pronto: No. What Carnevale's ladies' room (a nonsociable one-seater) has is a fabulous sink. Multicolored and jewel-like, the ceramic bowl truly is worthy of a Venetian doge's palace. As for question number one, the answer also is, regrettably, no. The food is not typically Venetian, not in the least. In fact if the aforementioned doge decided he wanted his sink back and hopped into a time machine to teleport hundreds of years and thousands of miles to Carnevale, it's doubtful he'd recognize anything on the menu except its prints of classic commedia dell'arte characters, after which the stylish Carnivale (Venetian Mardi Gras festival) masks hanging on the restaurant's inside... More >>>