Strumming an acoustic guitar does not a folksinger make. True, ability to play a guitar is a must. (Piano is fine, but a guitar's portability allows for plucking around the campfire and hopping trains on the spur of the moment.) A hard life is not vital but useful for song fodder. It helps to have at least one protest tune in the repertoire. Other instruments necessary to master or to make friends play include: harmonica, banjo, tambourine, and even the washboard. Not to say that one has to don overalls and make like Boxcar Willie to be a folkie, but a certain sensibility is required -- and it's not of the pop, rock, or world music kind. Nineteen national songwriter competition finalists and nine headlining artists performed at the South Florida Folk Festival this past January in Broward County. Some of them were true folk artists; others would be considered "new folk" -- or what could be called fauxk. Below find a handful of reviews of a... More >>>