If a recent story stemming from Orlando is any indication, Americans love buffets now more than ever. Two weeks ago, during a Sunday buffet brunch at the 4th Fighter Group restaurant, a three-alarm fire broke out. But despite the smoke like steamed milk from a cappuccino machine pouring into the dining room and the flames tonguing the roof, the patrons were determined to get their money's worth. One man reportedly filled his plate from the buffet while the rest of the customers were being evacuated, so that he could finish his meal in the parking lot. Another customer asked a waitress if the restaurant would re-open later in the day so she could return for her dessert. Several left without paying, though it goes without saying that when a credit card machine is melting, it's doubtful that the ol' American Express would get instant approval. And a few truly lowdown clients took advantage of the chaos and stole... More >>>