Over the electronic din on Washington Avenue after midnight, amid barking club promoters and sprinting valets with lips kissing walkie-talkies, the incongruous sound of live music escapes through heavy curtains hung from an open door. On the other side is Bolero, a 21st -century supper club graced with perfect lighting and a long mahogany bar. Inside the narrow space, tables line the walls like banquettes, with seats facing the stage. A spontaneous floor show is in swing. Multigenerational dancers mingle in front of the band and scatter here and there down the length of the restaurant. A stylish Japanese couple shows off their salsa moves. American tourists freestyle. Regular Wilfredo Mendez, a craggy Cuban singer of the Buena Vista generation, falls to the floor in pushup position and picks up a napkin with his teeth. The waiters swivel by with trays of drinks. Three beautiful men in drag tell secrets by the bar. Life here is a cabaret. Make... More >>>