Trinidadian-born R&B singer Trini did a double take a few months ago at the 183rd Street Flea Market. Suddenly the 23-year-old Miami resident realized that the sexy woman in a black tank top and cowboy hat staring out at her from a poster tacked up at a record booth was herself. She had not yet grown accustomed to the fame that began to grow last summer, when South Florida's Arbitron-rated number one radio station, 99 Jamz (WEDR-FM 99.1), put into rotation her debut single, "Simple Conversation." Later she learned her appeal goes beyond fans of reggae and hip-hop, when a borderline psychotic white lady approached her at Walgreen's. "I know you," said the stranger, "and I don't even have any black friends. You're the girl on TV." Recognizing Trini from her music video on The Box, the woman set off a spontaneous autograph-signing session in the pharmacy as other shoppers joined in the excitement. Ian "Dennis" Johnson, CEO of Miami's Finatic Records, reports the buzz surrounding the West Indian singer has generated interest from major labels, including Sony and MCA. If that interest continues to grow, Trini might be the fuse to set off a Caribbean explosion rivaling that of the... More >>>