The House Restaurant recently opened in a renovated 1930s residence, giving it an automatic built-in appeal -- after all, one of the best things you can say about a dining establishment is that it makes you feel at home. The welcoming attitude of the staff here reinforces homeyness, although this certainly doesn't look anything like my house, and unless your abode has all blond wood walls and is filled with nothing but blond wood tables and chairs, it probably won't remind you of yours, either. That's about it in terms of décor, except for a backlit photographic mural of trees that adds a bit of color to one of the rooms. Sounds dull on paper, yet the minimalist Zenlike space is actually quite lovely, the music soothing, the organic ambiance in harmony with the restaurant's concept of healthy cuisine. Guess you can say The House has a few things going for it. Unfortunately food and service... More >>>