About 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 8, under the auspices of the Miami Light Project, the doctor was in. Escorted by a well-dressed man to a microphone at the center of the Gusman Center's stage, Dr. Nina Simone, recipient of honorary degrees from Amherst College and Malcolm X University, began what would be the first of many waves of her African ceremonial fly whisk to rile the adoring crowd. Resplendent in a revealing green sequined spandex tube dress that made her hefty body look like a turtle, she teetered unsteadily to the bench at the grand piano a few feet behind her and plunked herself down. Then, after a few minor adjustments (again rendered by her original escort), Simone, known for her eclectic repertoire encompassing jazz, blues, gospel, and pop, instructed the audience on a few points: Her five back-up musicians were clothed not in carnival costumes but in African dashikis; and she was not 67 years old as the press frequently has reported, but... More >>>