It has been about a year since vocalist Luis Bofill dropped off the stage of Miami's Café Nostalgia. Shortly after the establishment relocated from its glory-day Little Havana setting to its swankier Miami Beach digs on 41st Street, the seasoned singer, who once fronted the house band Grupo Nostalgia, fell out with club owner Pepe Horta. Bofill, though, is back on the scene, making a Cuban comeback to the ñ degree. He's been gigging at Willy Chirino's Zarabanda in Coral Gables on Thursday nights. On Friday and Saturday evenings, he returns to the scene of the old Café Nostalgia, stepping up to the mike with the house band at the club now known as Hoy Como Ayer (Today Like Yesterday). He has even joined a number of current Grupo Nostalgia musicians moonlighting in a new musical... More >>>