Skateboarding is a great Miami pastime. For devoted aficionados there is no more idyllic a place for it than the “Rooftops,” a series of concrete peaks and valleys that form the top of the old Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key. No cars or pedestrians to spill into here. With its dazzling view of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline, no skating venue is more tight, more butters than this one. It is especially gnarly when at the end of a session you drop through the hatch in the roof, climb down the metal ladder, skateboard in hand, creep across the rickety catwalk above the graffiti-marked amphitheater seats, and find a couple of Miami cops shining flashlights into your eyes. Yes, skateboarding here can get you handcuffed and hauled to jail, as Mark Garcia and Philippe “F... More >>>