It's only 9:00 a.m., but Al Sparhawk is wide awake. Such is life when you're the father of a six-month-old. As young Hollis Mae Sparhawk lets out an exuberant squawk and her dad gushes on and on about the joys of fatherhood, it's clear the elder Sparhawk is no ordinary rock star. In fact it's hard to think of the music his band, Low, plays as having much to do with rock, let alone the trappings of the lifestyle. From its home base in Duluth, Minnesota, Low creates a minimalist, skeletal, slow sound some skeptics have deemed “snorecore.” The group's no-frills instrumentation consists of Sparhawk's lone guitar; his wife Mimi Parker's snare drum, floor tom, and ride cymbal; a... More >>>