People never forget where they were when Kennedy was shot. Or John Lennon. Or the first time they saw the Beatles or the Ramones or Nirvana -- on TV. Certain momentous occasions never leave us. For me, I'd add the first time I heard Nick Drake coming out of my television set, accompanying the Volkswagen Cabrio commercial. I was beached on the couch, flipping through a book and awaiting the return of regular programming, when suddenly notes very familiar to me came through loud and clear. (It was perhaps the only time I didn't complain about how the commercials are always louder than the shows they interrupt.) Upon realizing what actually was happening, I let out a genuine “Holy shit!” “Pink Moon,” the title track from a long-dead reclusive singer-songwriter, from an album that sold few copies upon its release in 1972, was being used in a... More >>>