The U.S. Census has it all wrong. The question is not whether you are "white (non-Hispanic)," "black (non-Hispanic)," or "Hispanic." The question is not even whether you are Latino, non-Latino, or none of the above. According to the Bacardi Salsa Congress 2000, the real question is: How do you dance salsa? Show the census takers how you mark the clave, and that's all the information they'll need, to know where you're from. Three years ago in Puerto Rico, a group of professional salseros founded what they called the World Salsa Congress. In 1998 generous support from a certain manufacturer of rum edited out the "world" and added "Bacardi." Still the congress continues to attract salsa dancers from more than 36 countries and has spawned a tour that this year brings salsa pros to 25 cities... More >>>