Andrea Loring is fighting against the tide. Marching toward the cafeteria, she looks in the eyes of every student still lingering in the hallway. "Hugo, you're heading the wrong way," she says to a boy strolling past her. "Eddie, you too," she calls out to a second boy, a sheepish-looking string bean lugging a computer monitor in his arms. "You're going the wrong way." She is smiling. She is enjoying herself. Reaching the cafeteria now with a train of students behind her, she throws her arms around two former pupils, both of whom have dropped by to sample the free soul food that will be offered following today's Black History Month assembly. "Good to see you!" she says to a boy in an orange Fubu baseball jersey. "You're back at Coral Gables, I hear. How's it going?" Loring also reaches out for the boy's friend. "And this one," she adds, beaming with pride, "he's... More >>>