For someone who describes himself as a "social misfit," documentary filmmaker Les Blank has a tremendous knack for crawling inside his subjects and capturing their souls on celluloid. Over the course of a career that stretches back more than 30 years, the Tampa-born Blank has penetrated the insular communities of south Louisiana Cajun country, coaxed revealing insights from cantankerous blues icons, and chronicled the passions and convictions of everyone from garlic addicts and polka fanatics to the denizens of the Sixties hippie community. His 35-film oeuvre includes definitive portraits of Werner Herzog and Ry Cooder, mainstream rockers Huey Lewis and the News, as well as wonderfully eccentric cowboy singers. Regardless of the topic at hand, Blank's work is defined by a subtle, almost silent grace, his camera always shadowing -- but never overpowering -- the subjects, as their stories unfold at the pace of real life. That in itself is a remarkable feat, considering Blank isn't what you'd call... More >>>