Recognized along with Massive Attack and Portishead as one of trip-hop's architects, Adrian Thaws, a.k.a. Tricky, has always been the most downbeat of the bunch, with each of his records filled with murky textures and beats caught between laid-back hip-hop and near-somnambulation. The music's sensual creep was best described by Martina Topley Bird, the mother of Tricky's child and his long-time muse and vocal foil, who sang on his debut LP: "When we fuck, we'll hear beats." The music, however, was always about more than just sex. When Tricky was four years old, his mother killed herself. Listen to any of the previous three albums he has produced as a solo act -- or to his Nearly God one-off project -- and you're hearing the psychological aftermath, the music created by a man with dim impressions of a world filled with dark secrets. He made this morose preoccupation all the more evident by calling... More >>>