"We really wanted to revolt against conventional music, against things that had a real flow. We wanted to take the template of dance music and see what new directions we could go with it," explains Josh Kay, who along with Romulo Del Castillo make up the Miami electronic outfit Phoenecia. Sitting in his meticulously arranged bedroom with Indian sitar music playing softly in the background, Kay seems an unlikely aural guerrilla. In fact with his close-cropped dark hair, cargo pants, T-shirt, and bare feet, the 26-year-old Kay seems the model of laid-back propriety. That facade, however, masks a mind working overtime. "Back in '94 I had been making trance, which is incredibly mechanical," he continues. "It's all based around the metronome. It's always focused on keeping people dancing, on getting their heart rate up to 120 bpm [beats per minute]. So I started thinking: What else can we do? We began messing around with different time signatures, different hi-hat patterns, just trying to screw with the music to see if we could get the... More >>>