In the world of maps Emilio Cueto is sort of the modern-day version of a sixteenth-century conquistador. Only he's not reclaiming the New World for Spain, he's taking over the blueprints once used to colonize Cuba, the pearl of the Greater Antilles. Twenty-five years ago, a friend of Cueto gave him his first map of the island nation. The gift passed for a 1595 Mercator original. Elated, Cueto went hunting for information on more rare draws at the public library. In the process he discovered that his map's cartographer was not the prominent Gerardus Mercator but the equally esteemed Jodocus Hondius. It was also a bit younger than he thought: The date was off by eleven years. "That really caught my attention," recalls Cueto, "and I soon found myself investigating the history of... More >>>