It's a sliver of a restaurant located in a discreet, classic Mediterranean revival hotel on South Beach. The little dining room of 660 at the Angler's is composed of just 16 seats set on the left side of the hotel entrance. Tables are so close together that one of them is inaccessible to waiters unless diners at two other tables move their seats. Otherwise, though, it's a cozy, peaceful space — or would be if a larger bar/lounge area (formerly the dining room of prior tenant Maison d'Azur) weren't located just a few feet away. On one occasion, a cocktail gathering was taking place there, replete with boisterous chatter and thumping party tunes. When the music stopped so someone could make a speech, diners in the restaurant felt compelled to either whisper or not talk at all. It lasted only a few minutes, and then the annoying soundtrack returned. So much for the menu's invitation "to wander back through time when the pace was a... More >>>