Ever wondered what screamo-lectro dudes do to unwind after a particularly strenuous hipster bikini dance party? Well, apparently, if the dudes in question are Daniel Werb and Paul Banwatt of Toronto synth-and-drum duo Woodhands, then it's all about a nice, relaxing, man-on-man bubble bath. Why the bubbles? Why the bath? Who knows, but bro bathing must be a team-builder beyond compare 'cause it's helped these two sustain their partnership through cold Canadian winters and several summers' worth of transcontinental touring. Born in a Montreal basement before taking a southwesterly route to T.O., Woodhands has been pounding out sweaty dance floor fillers for four years. The pair's done remixes for Peter Bjorn & John, a questionable cover of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," and indie... More >>>