There is something unique about Ortanique on the Mile that becomes apparent as soon as one enters the warm, woody, orange-hued, citrus-and-flower-muraled room: It smells better than other restaurants. Even with the preponderance of open kitchens these days, many dining establishments exude the aromatic appeal of a hotel lobby. But here, seductively spicy scents — garlic? curry? jerk? — waft over the 225 seats, caress the olfactory senses, and can cause a critic to salivate while trying to enunciate his fake name to the hostess. Good, wholesome aromas and a potently flavorful, Caribbean-influenced "Cuisine of the Sun" have been Ortanique's trademarks since the place debuted a decade ago on Miracle Mile. Nothing else has changed much either, including the crowds piling in (even on a Tuesday evening) for the convivial vibe and... More >>>