The original Dirty Harry used a Smith & Wesson and an arsenal of one-liners to defeat his foes. But on South Beach, Dirty Hairy is Liv’s newest weekly party, and slayer of all stereotypes currently plaguing the scene. Sure, you’ve heard promoters make that claim before, but once Plum TV senior producer and Finding Your Cure (FYC) creator, Michael Honablue, unloads his weapons of mass corruption on SoBe nightlife, the mission will be made clear. If you’re into generic parties where dudes wear glittery shirts and nose-in-the-air bouncers run the show, prepare to be unprepared for what’s about to go down each Wednesday night. “I feel like the Dirty Hairy party is going to make history like a modern incarnation of Tony Wilson and New Order's brainchild, the Hacienda nightclub,” promises Honablue. “People should expect the unexpected. That's the way FYC works, you will never know what will happen next or who or what will be thrown in the mix, on my quest to... More >>>