During Art Basel, the Dorsch Gallery was awash in kudos for its bugged-out group-show-undermining perception. “Shapeshifter” boasted nearly a dozen artists whose creative sleight of hand toyed with the senses and bitch-slapped viewers into recognizing that art can be chameleonlike and paradoxical in its nature. The exhibit featured paintings, videos, sculptures, and mixed-media works that often left spectators literally scratching their noggins in disbelief. Participant artists included Jenny Brillhart, Elisabeth Condon, Robin Griffiths, Richard Haden, Michelle Hailey, m lafille, Martin Murphy, Ralph Provisero, John Sanchez, and Kyle Trowbridge. Haden’s hyperrealist sculptures of detritus in painted wood captured many visitors’ imaginations; his weather-beaten cardboard box — which seemed plucked from a dumpsite but was actually intricately sculpted from wood — left a... More >>>