Of all the shameful, wrong, and all-around unwise decisions that soon-to-be-former POTUS George “Dubya” Bush made in his too-long tenure (and there are so, so many), the Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp has gotta rank among the worst of them. Ever since the center was opened in 2002 to house “enemy combatants” in the War on Terror, it’s been nothing but bad news — including prisoner complaints, suicides, accusations of human rights violations, and criticism from just about everyone except the good ol’ boys in Washington. President-Elect Obama has promised that closing Gitmo will be one of his top priorities, but because of an ever-expanding list of needs thrown at him, can you blame the activists of Amnesty International for getting antsy? That’s why they’ve teamed up with key, involved members of the Miami hip-hop community to host a concert calling on Obama to end torture and shut down Guantánamo.... More >>>