Your snobby South Beach acquaintances and trendy downtown hipster friends might scoff, but we’re here to tell you there’s a neighborhood scene that’s been simmering to a boil in a long-forgotten corner. South Miami has become what Coconut Grove used to be and what Coral Gables wishes it were — a vibrant, densely populated epicenter of great restaurants, bustling bars, pseudo-clubs, and a strip joint just for good measure. For an indication of just how on and poppin’ South Miami is nowadays, cruise by RA Sushi Bar on a Friday night. It’s like a block party of hot UM students, coupled-up thirtysomethings, and the Pinecrest cougar klatch, all jockeying for sidewalk space and sipping luscious-looking cocktails. RA is all about delicious sushi and knockout drinks. Take, for example, their seasonal offering — the “nog-asaki martini.” Yummy. And now we can afford to indulge in a little RA even on our meager journalist wages, thanks to the... More >>>