For years the hair-product marketplace was suffused with potions for straight-haired folks. If you had wavy, kinky, or coily locks, you were fresh outta luck — Pantene, V05, and Herbal Essences didn’t want to hear that. Silky-straight ladies now have to make way. The curly hair market is a booming biz, and so many of the big drugstore chains are scrambling to get in the loop. Memo to curly girls: If you’ve been looking for the kind of products that will transform your knotted bird’s nest into the goddesslike waterfall of spirals you’ve dreamed of, skip CVS. Head to GBS instead. This month, the local beauty supply chain is hosting a series of events by Lorraine Massey, celebrity stylist, author of Curly Girl, innovator of the “Curly Cut,” and co-owner of DevaCurl and New York’s Devachan Salon. In case you’ve never heard of her or her products and your hair’s a hot, snarly mess, just know you need to make an appointment pronto. It will be like having Mariah Carey serenade you while Vincent Van Gogh paints your portrait. Or something like that. Either... More >>>