According to Wikipedia, that oft-debunked fount of publicly produced information, the pay-it-forward concept was first inspired by Benjamin Franklin in 1784. But we the people had to wait until 2000, when Kevin Spacey took the help-thy-neighbor theory to the big screen, in a flick that can be best described as schmaltzy. In the film (an adaptation of Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel), if someone does a good deed for you, in repayment you should do three good things for someone else, which according to legend, will lead to a universal chain of goodness, eventual world peace, and a spontaneous sing-along of “Kum Ba Yah.” We kid, we kid. In all seriousness, the idea of paying forward a favor results in a sensation of bliss, inner peace, and wellbeing that comes only from unrequited acts of charity. Want to know what that feels like? Stop by the Celestial... More >>>