In case you’re a rum, vodka, or — shudder — Everclear drinker, allow us to educate you about one of our favorite brands o’ booze. That would be Johnny Walker. This popular Scotch comes in a wondrously inebriating rainbow of labels. Red is what they call a “mixing Scotch,” which means you should drown it with ginger ale before you get your slurp on. Black is the standby fave — decent on the rocks and superlative with whatever mixer you’ve got handy. Gold is great when frozen. Green, served neat, offers a whiff of peat moss as you slug it back. And the best of the bunch is Johnny Walker Blue. It’s a premium blend that uses single malts aged up to 60 years. Each bottle boasts its own serial number and silk-lined box — all for $200. Does your dad deserve anything less for Father’s Day? We think not. So we’re saying all aboard the good ship... More >>>