Woman Who Set Herself on Fire Isn't Exactly the Sanest Person

Regarding the woman who set herself on fire yesterday at the Mall of the Americas, this isn't exactly surprising: 

The woman's husband said she had been to Jackson Memorial Hospital three times recently for psychiatric help and has a history of mental problems, according to Miami Herald news partner WFOR-CBS 4.

Her daughter worked at the boutique where she set herself on fire. She left two dozen roses on the counter before torching herself. She also has 4-year-old daughter.

UPDATE: CBS4 says she was on probation, and has a less than stirling criminal history. She was charged with attempted murder after she found out a man she was dating had a wife in Cuba. The man later had the charges dropped. She was also convicted of felony drug trafficking for signing for a shipment full of prescription pills. She was on probation for that offense. 


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