Where's the Hulk Going?

It seems that wrestler/reality show dad Hulk Hogan is selling his Miami Beach mansion.

The N. Bay Road home is on the market for $18.9 million. So let's see...his monthly mortgage payment is around $100,000, and his annual taxes (according to the county tax collector's site) are a cool $68,867. Insurance can't be cheap, either.

He paid $12 million for the home just last April, so he's hoping to make quite a tidy profit; maybe the fact that it was showcased on VH-1s Hogan Knows Best upped the value. Guess he's not relying on his daughter Brooke's singing career to carry him through retirement. We wish Hulk and his family good luck with the sale, especially given the local real estate market these days.

--Tamara Lush


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