Dayci Gillespie
Dayci Gillespie

What's Up With The FTAA ?

Dayci Gillespie

New World Symphony musician

It's a free-trade agreement between a group of countries in which products are made abroad and then sold here. I think it's bad for American workers because it allows companies to build cheaper products in other countries in order to maximize profits. But that means people here end up losing jobs and that's not good. I've also heard that workers in other countries are exploited by American companies that pay poor wages and provide no benefits.

Joe Messiter

Australian visitor

That's the way the world is going these days. You already have NAFTA between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. A bunch of Asian countries just signed an agreement to create an economic union by 2010. I think it's a great idea. Australia should definitely be jumping on the bandwagon. We have to compete. I'm all for free trade.

Robert Martell

Office worker

I know it's about free trade but I have no idea what that means or what it entails. I do know that everyone in downtown Miami is panicking about how disorderly it's supposed to get with all the protests going on and the police in riot gear. Everybody is staying home that week.

Cherrie Crawley & Juan Macho

Dallas visitors

We're firm believers in free trade. We all need to help one another. Supporting poverty-stricken countries is good for everybody. A lot of those immigrants coming to the U.S. are using up our tax dollars, so why not help them be self-sufficient in their own countries? All countries benefit from being able to trade freely between themselves without any barriers or tariffs. It also helps the U.S. economy because it allows American corporations to expand their businesses in Latin America.

Natacha Krstovic

Hospitality management student

They're going to close my school because there are going to be like 100,000 people protesting in downtown Miami. I'm French so I'm all for protests because we're always protesting, arguing, and complaining about global issues in France. People here don't pay attention to what's going on in the world. I hope the protesters do bad things so they can stop the FTAA. People in Third World countries have been exploited for too long. It's not fair.

Ron D

South Beach DJ

Bro, I know it's an abbreviation for something related to energy, taxation, and trading goods between commonwealths and international governments. But bro, there's nothing free about free-trade agreements. They're designed to restrict and discriminate against the working class. It's all controlled by major corporations and dirty politicians. There is nothing free about that.

Diego Restovech

Car wash employee

I don't pay much attention to that stuff, but I think it sounds like a great idea. Anything that would create jobs and stimulate the economy in Argentina, where I'm from, makes sense to me. I came here about a year ago because I lost my job and couldn't find work back home. The situation in Argentina es muy grave.


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